Powder Metallurgy

R-Series Cobalt Powder

R-Series Cobalt Powders have a rod-like morphology and have been an industry standard for over 30 years. These powders have outstanding chemical purity, with low oxygen and carbon levels. Product particles range from 0.9–1.5 microns in size.

S-Series Cobalt Powder

S-Series Cobalt Powders have a unique morphology and performance that make this product ideal for both diamond tool and hardmetal applications. For diamond tool segments, this product provides optimum hardness and processing stability over a wide range of hot pressing temperatures, resulting in improved cutting performance. In addition, the morphology allows this product to be used in a wide variety of conventional hardmetal applications, resulting in reduced milling times, less cobalt pooling, and improved microstructural homogeneity and performance. Product particles range from 0.8–4.5 microns in size.

Granulated Cobalt Powder

Granulated Cobalt Powders are designed to reduce the amount of dust or airborne particles generated during the handling or transfer of cobalt powders. This product contains 2 wt.% addition of paraffin wax (PA) or PEG (PE), and is designed to be free-flowing. Jervois Finland recommends this product to those customers concerned with dust control.


Jervois Finland is acutely aware of the value of the world’s finite resources and strives to operate in an efficient and ecologically friendly manner. In fact, the company offers a recycling service for hardmetal applications. This service provides our customers with a cost effective, “closed-loop”, sustainable supply chain.

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