Chemical & Catalysts

Cobalt Acetate

Co (CH3CO2)2  4H20

Produced and available as fine crystals with uniform size distribution. Primarily used as a catalyst in the polyester industry.

Cobalt Carbonate


Available in two grades of dry powder with 46% and 52% cobalt content. Used in the preparation of hydro-processing catalysts as well as other chemical applications. Also, an important mineral supplement additive for ruminants such as cows and sheep.

Cobalt Hydroxide


Utilized in diverse applications such as refinery catalysts, rubber adhesion promoters, specialty pigments and organometallic materials. Our Cobalt hydroxide has a high chemical purity and very good solubility characteristics in organic acids.

Cobalt Oxide

73% Low Sodium Co3O4

Used in chemical, catalyst and electronic applications where low sodium levels are required.

Cobalt Sulfate

CoSO4  7H2O

Used in metal finishing, animal feed, Cu electro-winning as well as a variety of chemical applications.


Jervois Finland is acutely aware of the value of the world’s finite resources and strives to operate in an efficient and ecologically friendly manner. In fact, the company offers a recycling service for selected catalyst applications. This service provides our customers with a cost effective, “closed-loop”, sustainable supply chain.

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